About Us

Max and Mina's Ice Cream revolutionized America's favorite dessert with daring ingredients and bold innovation. The gourmet ice creams' unique ability to intrigue and challenge old notions of mundane flavors have drawn unbelievable attention at home in New York and around the globe. Max and Mina's Ice Cream cordially invites you to be part of the success. Experience the difference in being different.

By accenting your speciality event with Max and Mina's ice cream you are giving your guests a rare and luxurious treat. Max and Mina's ice cream adds a flair of charm to any experience and offers people a taste of the avant-garde. Those who indulge themselves are awed by unforgettable flavors like beer, babka, corn on the cob and merlot. The creamy full flavored dessert will make your last impression a powerful impression, and the flavor possibilities are endless.

Brothers Bruce and Mark Becker have been perfecting the art of ice cream creations since childhood, and continue to experiment at Max and Mina's Ice Cream Store in Queens. As Max and Mina's clientele has grown, so has the list of flavors. The brothers constantly encourage their patrons to be vocal in brainstorming new flavors, especially flavors that compliment speciality events. Have an idea? Give them a try. After years of gourmet ice cream research in America and abroad, the Beckers are ready to take on any challenge.

Distinguish yourself with Max and Mina's gourmet ice cream, because the same old thing just isn't good enough.

Please call Bruce or Mark to discuss in greater detail what Max and Mina's Ice Cream can do for you.


More About Us

With all the new information gathered, and the treasure map of ice cream recipes -- taste testing began.

Bruce and Mark opened the doors to Max & Mina's Home Made Ice Cream, where they directly test marketed their flavors to the public. The public loved it, and so did the local restaurants, and party planners.

Up until now specially created flavors were only made for members of their exclusive ice cream club.



Growing up in the 1970's, Bruce and Mark loved ice cream. Their Grandpa Max used to create all different kinds of ice cream for Grandma Mina and them to try. He was an organic chemist, and loved to make up some interesting flavors! Years later, when grandpa Max had passed away, Bruce was cleaning out his house and discovered his secret book of recipes.

And so it began. In the 1980's, Bruce started on his journey, and traveled throughout Europe and the United States.